Deal Alert: Turquoise Chair

12 Dec

Just picked this up from a Craigslist purchase.

Guess how much?

No seriously guess?????

image 2095164442-3

image 2095164442-1

image 2095164442-0

10 buckeroos baby!!!

I think I might try using this chair for my first “distressing” project using a black tint glaze. Aiming for something like….
turquoise chair

Stay tuned for a furture (and hopefully successful) after pic!

Ok, enough about my rockin purchase.  Let’s talk TURQUOISE!!!!

So this color ain’t just for funky southwestern jewelry anymore.  It’s definitely had it’s turn in the home decor spotlight this year…  But don’t take my word for it.

Trend Alert: Turquoise. Conjuring images of Caribbean seas and dazzling jewels, this beguiling blue-green is today’s must-have color for fashion and interiors.
I wish I could devote a whole room to this color.  Damn rental!

Love it…

Here are some other beauties I’ve stumbled upon lately for your viewing pleasure…

1. Great SW Furniture
2. Gumps
3. Early California Antiques
4. unknown
5. Jonathan Adler
6. Lighting Universe

Want it…

You don’t need to head to the Southwest or Caribbean to get your hands on some great items:

6-Pane Frame, Turquoise/Plum - Cost Plus World Market ($25)

CBK Small Turquoise Blue Rectangular Blue 16" High Lamp 28978
Now, this is a bit of a turquoise overload, BUT an easy fix if you swap out the shade for a white one… ($35)

large image
How funky is this guy?? ($32)

Click picture to close
Store flowers, utensils, etc… ($9.95)

Tote Basket with Eyelet Handles - Medium <em>Teal</em> by Richards <em>Homewares</em> ($9)

Hint: If you’re new to turquoise, start with hints of the color in knickknacks around the house. And for those brave enough to decorate an entire room devoted to the color… God love ya – send me a photo!


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