Fun with Fabric

1 Dec

I’ve been on a hunt for something to brighten up our living room walls, but didn’t want to frame yet another vacation photo. In my previous quest for Ikat, I came across some pretty great fabric websites…. some designs so damn pretty they can serve as wall art all by themselves!

I love it…

Suzani Fabric
Inspired by Uzbek Folk Art


Damask Fabric
Great for mixing and matching.   I personally prefer the black and white patterns over the colored ones.

Geometric Fabric
One of my favorites right now!

Just received 2 of these off our wedding registry 🙂

Geometry 20" Pillow

I want it…

One of my favorite sites is (quite the discernible domain name, huh?).  What I love about this particular site (aside from the affordable prices) is that they let you create a preview pallet so you can play around with mixing and matching colors and patterns before purchasing.

Here are some combos I’ve been playing around with:

Green Swatches

Blues, Browns and Yellows..

Reds and Yellows…

The first swatch on this last pallet I purchased to use as a tablecloth!

If you like that “grid” look above, go ahead and pick out a multi-picture frame.

Something like…

It’s as easy as placing your different fabrics in  each square (attaching it to card-stock or the backer that comes with the frame to keep the fabric sturdy).  The best thing about this DIY…. You can splurge a bit on the frame, since many sites (including allow you to order JUST the swatches (about $1.95/each).   Much cheaper than ordering in yardage, and less wasteful!

Here’s a little “fabric frame” project I did with a canvas tapestry that my fiance’s family got us from Ireland.

Rather than have the whole thing done at a framer ($$$), I went to Michaels and just had them cut the matte board to my specifications.  Then I purchased an inexpensive poster frame, and put it together using double sided tape.  Viola!

You want it even easier??   I thought you’d never ask.

Not only is this SUPER easy, it’s totally cheap… and now likely my next project.  Just pick up an embroidery hoop (can purchase at any craft or sewing store for about $1 each) and securely fasten in the fabric using the adjustable brackets.

Still on the easy train…

Here’s some “art” I just put in our bedroom.  I had an extra frame lying around, and this really bright and vibrant piece of fabric that I bought on a whim (a.k.a. it was cheap!).  All I did was secure the fabric right inside the frame (just like you would a photo)!  For some bolder prints I feel like you can get away without matting.

*sorry for the glare!*

Now with larger pieces of fabric, you can totally forgo the frame and make  fabric wall panels instead!

What you’ll need for this look:

  • Foam Core
  • Double sided tape
  • Fabric!

1-2-3 Instructions:

  1. Simply cut out the foam core to the size you like (you can make them all the same size for a more geometric look, or go wild with varying squares or rectangles).
  2. Using the double sided tape (or poster tape), tape along the edges of the foam core
  3. Then place the foam core onto the back side of your fabric, and fold the fabric over the sides.  Make sure you have about 1 – 2 inches to fold over

{Know of some great fabric websites?  Do share!}


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